Balanced vegetarian diet without beans and legumes? Can beans and legumes be bad for some people?

Question by testablau: Balanced vegetarian diet without beans and legumes? Can beans and legumes be bad for some people?
Lately, every time I eat beans or lentils, I end up feeling like sh!t afterward. Is there a balanced vegetarian diet I can follow that provides me with all the essential nutrients without having to resort to beans and lentils?

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Answer by emzoid44
Are you rinsing your beans before you eat them? That can cut down on any gastro problems significantly…

Seitan is a good, non-legume meat substitute, and can be made at home easily. However, you really need more than one source of protein in your diet – rice proteins could be used, but they are all very heavily processed.

You should also get an allergy test, and see what causes your body to react adversely.

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Creamy roasted sprouts and pasta
healthy vegetarian diet recipes

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2 Responses to Balanced vegetarian diet without beans and legumes? Can beans and legumes be bad for some people?

  • Diggum Shobum:

    I am sorry that you feel bad after eating beans.

    You need to eat them. I eat them every day and I never have any problems. Could it be that you have a slight alergy to particular types of beans?

    Try different types like black, pinto, navy, garbozo, northern, veg refried, kidney, etc.

  • julie_s:

    Please do not get discouraged!

    I have been on my veg journey for almost 17 years so, I understand your frustration. Most world diets are NOT meat based. Western culture is the only one that eats a meat-based diet (US, Canada, EU…). Over the last decade, we have truly begun to witness exactly just how devastating it really is to consume animal “products”… our eating habits are not only cruelly killing BILLIONS of animals, it is slowly killing us as well.

    *Animal/livestock agriculture pollutes Earths air, water and soil. Numerous toxic run-off from factories, farms & slaughter house), leeching and run-off from herbicides & pesticides for feed, CO2 pollution (fossil fuel) from transporting animals (both dead and still alive) and the numerous polluting toxins released into the environment when feed is processed and transported (not 2 forget GMO!). Corn is the worst…

    There is a lot of food out there! More recipes (globally) are made more so “vegetarian friendly” than not. Animal derived food products are a luxury in most parts of the world and our world is poor.

    Variety is the key if you are want to be sure to that you are eating a balanced diet. These are some of my main staples: Chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, several varieties of dry roasted nuts, “super green” foods (dehydrated-powdered) to add to juice and smoothies), unrefined coconut oil. Seeds & nuts are versatile in use and serve multi-functional health needs (Omega 3 fats, Fiber, micro-nutrients, Antioxidants & more). Seasonal fruits and vegetables are a must for ANY healthy diet. If you do not live somewhere where fresh produce is available, start asking neighbors if there is a farmers market close by. If not, inquire your local city/county officials.

    Most people do not (or can not) eat all that is required for to get a full daily recommended nutritional value intake. Supplementing almost any/all diets is usually a necessity.

    I highly recommend these 4 brands:

    * Sequel Naturals, we believe in the power of super-foods and the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. That’s why we search the globe…

    * Nutiva offers the best Coconut Oil, Hemp Oil, Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, Hemp Protein, Organic Hemp Seed Oil and more.

    * Amy’s Kitchen is a family business, named after our daughter Amy, who was born in 1987. We are totally committed to producing truly delicious…

    * Nature’s Path products: North American manufacturer of certified organic cereals.

    *NOTE – All of Amy’s is vegetarian, but not vegan so look carefully at ingrediants.

    If you are not use to the kind of fiber in beans/lentils, consuming them can cause gastrointestinal distress (upset stomach). All highly fibrous foods should be increased gradually. Also, making sure you are properly hydrated (with fluids (H2O) is crucial for proper digestion. If too much fiber is ingested when your body is not “used” to it, it can cause you to have a VERY unpleasant time relieving yourself.

    It’s all “trial and error” when it comes to creating vegan meals. I always have plenty of AMY’S brand frozen foods (for backup!) in case of kitchen cooking disaster. Here are some really great sites with veg recipes.

    * Easy Vegan Recipes: Delicious, Animal-Friendly Fare from Compassion Over Killing – COK also offers an Easy Vegan Recipes booklet filled with more than a dozen recipes plus cooking tips, affordable meal ideas, and more. Order your FREE copy today!

    * Vegan Recipes – Browse extensive collection of user-created and reviewed vegan recipes. Plus, 13000 VegFriends profiles, articles, and more!

    * Good resource for beginner cooks and new vegans. Large collection of recipes, cooking tips, and instructional cooking videos.

    * International Vegetarian Union – Vegan Recipes Around the World Several thousand recipes from almost every country of the world. Includes main dishes, snacks, salads, desserts, and more.

    * Vegan Recipes at VegFamily.comAn extensive collection of vegan recipes to help you plan your menus and shopping. VegFamily is a comprehensive resource for vegan living, raising vegan …

    * PETA’s Vegetarian/Vegan Starter Kit | Explore PETA’s “Vegetarian/Vegan Starter Kit”—the guide that will help you …

    * My Vegan Planet- Vegan Recipes from Around the World Some great vegan recipes designed to expand the recipe collections of established vegans and give new vegans some great alternatives to other foods.

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